Uninvited plants

Uncategorized July 30, 2018

Just back from an interesting week in Copenhagen researching for a project/article about the accidental introduction of Italian plants to Denmark in the 19th century. Some years ago, I read a very brief anecdote about a group of Italian plants which appeared one summer in Copenhagen, supposedly carried to the city as seeds in the hay used to carefully pack an artist’s works. I’d always wondered whether or not the story was true and have since been commissioned to write a piece about my attempts to determine the veracity of the story.

Rather delightfully, I’ve now found quite substantive evidence to indicate that the story was indeed true and have begun writing up the findings. I’ve also been having early conversations with the museum of the artist in question about a possible exhibition related to the subject, but it’s early days yet… The article, however, is to be published later this year in issue 5 of the superb Migrant Journal which will look at questions of migration on the micro scale.