Multiverses 263-396: Another Worlds Iz Possible


After John Bell, Momus, Heisenberg, Jonathan Swift, I Ching, Calvino, and Shrodinger

Multiverse 263
The Multiverse in which multiplication is always exponential across galaxies. For every status update posted on Facebook, another two are posted in alternative Multiverses.

Multiverse 264
The Multiverse in which falsifiability has been banished. All knowledge in Multiverse 264 must be obtained by positivity and good feelings. If your truth cannot be located on the x-axis of the matrix of verifiable happiness, then it is not permitted to exist.

Multiverse 265
Fringe religious groups have occupied Multiverse 265, their pseudo-scientific claims having slowly eroded the power of practitioners of non-pseudo science. Despite being called Multiverse 265, there is no plurality of views, and therefore no dissent. Residents live in peace. War never occurs.

Multiverse 266
Is also known as Goldilocks.

Multiverse 270
The Multiverse in which Brian Cox simultaneously refutes and endorses the theory of Many Interrelated Universes.

Multiverse 272
Our existence was an accident on Multiverse 272. Multiverse 272 does not care about you, or me, or us. There is no order. Lives on Multiverse 272 are probably meaningless. No biggie.

Multiverse 287
The Multiverse which is ruled by a benevolent God, who sent his only son from Heaven to sacrifice himself on Earth as an atonement for humanity’s many, varied and imaginative sins.

Multiverse 291
The Multiverse which is ruled by Zoella the vlogger. Citizens must look fabulous at all times, whether online or not. Grooming advice is dispensed daily from digital monitors installed where product advertisements used to be.

Multiverse 300
This is the Multiverse in which the human brain has evolved to exist in a state of perfect happiness. Those individuals who exhibit, especially at a young age, the tell-tale characteristics of an unhappy disposition are immediately put to death. Even the executioner, despite his seemingly grim position, is happy with his lot, being, as he is, the culmination of thousands of years of a successful selective breeding programme.

Multiverse 333
Multiverse 333 is electrically powered by nuclear fusion of the sun. Ice cream is eaten three times a day.

Multiverse 356
When one pulls back the curtain of this Multiverse, all one sees is a small man, seated with legs crossed, passing the 49 yarrow sticks of the I Ching from left hand to right hand in a never-ending search for oracular constellations.

Multiverse 396
Every dead cat creates a parallel Multiverse. The Multiverse in which it is alive to the truth.

Originally published on The Learned Pig.

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