Not for Sale

Not for Sale was an exhibition produced for SALON (LONDON) in April, 2011, hosted by Spoonfed at Dalby House in London.

Artists, architects, poets and scientists included: Tessa FarmerRoss SutherlandAnnie CattrellTessa Whitehead, the Zebrafish Research Unit at University College, LondonStuart WhippsThomas HillierDavid KohnGrégoire Alix-Tabeling.

Not for Sale was curated around a very simple concept: a desire to bring together works from across a broad range of often-segregated disciplines – from painting to graphic design to science to poetry – and exhibit them simultaneously. In a further attempt to bring different disciplines together, Not for Sale eschewed the traditional private view in favour of a series of invitation-only dinners where artists, scientists, academics, journalists and curators – many of whom had never met before – were fed by the inventive food design group, Blanch & Shock.

 Not for Sale was an attempt to put into practice ideas related to art as a non-commercial endeavour and as an arena to cross disciplines and share ideas. None of the works were for sale; there wasn’t a private view. The show was as much about generating ideas from the dinner events as it was from the exhibition itself. It was an experiment, a work in progress.


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